Top Ten Ways to Stay Fit When Travelling

Ever gone travelling and it’s been so hectic you had no time to exercise? Or perhaps a language barrier meant you simply didn’t know what there was to do? Just follow these suggestions and you’ll be on your way to a healthier body, and kickass holiday.

  1. When you’re heading off somewhere fairly flat where everything is close together, consider hiring a bike. It’s probably how the locals get around, and usually easy to find a rental place. They also have cool double bikes on some beaches (cute date idea?).
  2. Start running. You can do it anywhere, and even if you’ve never gone for a run before in your life, there will be no-one you know around to laugh at you getting all sweaty and red in the face. All you need is running shoes and workout gear, plus you get to know the place you’re visiting better. Just don’t get lost!
  3. Staying by the beach? Long walks on the beach and swimming on the beach are awesome low-intensity cardio. Walking on the sand is higher resistance for your legs than concrete, and swimming is a good full-body, muscle-strengthening activity. You have it easy.
  4. When staying somewhere chillier, make an effort to stay someplace with a cheap gym or pool nearby. The different environment makes exercise an exciting novelty, rather than a routine.
  5. Walk everywhere. Seriously, you’re lucky enough to be in some exotic place, don’t experience it through a car or bus window! Walking opens up opportunities for you to find off-the-radar places (which are always the best), and it’s free. Get quality shoes that won’t give you blisters and you’re sweet.
  6. Plan to do activities that will involve exercise in some form. E.g. shopping for cardio (you’re welcome, girls), clubbing if you’re in a city with decent nightlife (wear flats for ultimate calorie burning – you can’t move too much in heels), or any tourist attraction involving a lot of stairs/walking/climbing etc.
  7. If you have wifi where you’re staying, there are catacombs of YouTube channels dedicated to fitness. Its trial and error to find what you like, but some of my favourites are; XHIT or Jillian Michaels workouts for short, intense videos (20-30 minutes) designed to get your heart rate up and burn calories as quickly as possible. I also love Cassey Ho’s pilates videos (similar length), and Tara Stiles yoga workouts (5-30 minutes).
  8. Do something adventurous. Part of travelling is getting to try new things; so step outside your comfort zone and do something to get your blood pumping that you wouldn’t normally be able to back home. (Kayaking, skiing, hiking and surfing etc).
  9. Rope a friend in. You may depart intending to start every day with a run on a white sand beach; but trust me, the enthusiasm will fade. Get one of your travel buddies (ideally someone who regularly works out) to agree on exercising a few times with you, who’ll then hold you accountable. It also turns exercise into a social thing, rather than a lonely inconvenience.
  10. Just do it. It’s hard adjusting to a new routine and finding time for exercise, but not impossible. You may have to wake up a bit earlier to fit in a 20 minute run/XHIT/gym workout, but that’s only around 1.5% of your day, and the extra energy, endorphins and endurance staying fit gives you makes it 100% worth it. 

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