Best Friend

She brings life to the room with her infectious laugh and smile. She is smart, funny and the most charismatic person I know. I love how she sees the good in everyone and can connect to so many people. Whatever she has to say, I want to hear it. Whatever I say, she wants to hear it too. We understand each other and the way we see the world. Even though we sometimes disagree, I’ll never hold a grudge for too long because I need her in my life. I’ve seen her at her worst, she’s seen me at my lowest point and in spite of this we both still stick around. My best friend is spontaneous and adventurous. Together we explore new places, try different things and plan ambitious trips for the future. I admire how she is never afraid to speak her mind, and won’t take anybody’s shit. Just being around her, I feel more confident and that anything is possible. We are both doers, love writing, and want to make a change in the world. I don’t see how we won’t be friends for life.


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