Fire and Ice

When I’m with you

I feel like I could climb mountains,

Dance with reckless abandon

Swim oceans,

You light me up

And make me feel like life is beautiful

Our conversation sparks and soars

Bringing out the passion in each other

Whether it be anger or wild, impossible dreams

It’s all possible with you

Our chemistry is like a mad scientist’s experiment

Gone way out of hand

I want you all the time


At the same time

You scare me

We’re on different wavelengths, you and I

Opposites attract

Yet how can this work

If we don’t understand

The inner workings of each other’s minds

Like light and dark we contrast each other

And I still haven’t decided

If we’re Yin and Yan

Or Fire and Ice

When you look into my eyes and say all you want to do is hold me

I melt


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