Tear It Apart

Wanting to tear my whole life apart

Rip it to shreds,

So I can start again

The skin I’m in is dirty,

Doesn’t fit right

I need to be somewhere else,

Anywhere but here

Hope has abandoned ship,

Confidence has taken flight

Leaving me with vice and spite

Whispering to me what I don’t want to know

I can’t tell what’s real,

And what’s a reflection of my soul

The fucked up, ugly, stomach turning

Reality of it all

Is there beauty to be found?

In the broken and ruined

The mistakes and tears,

The never-to-be realised yearnings and dreams?

Youthful innocence sacrificed at the altar of the pursuit of happiness

The ever elusive, perhaps non-existent

Contentment we’re told will come one day

Only, and only

When we have it all


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