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I’m not the only one, I tell myself To be human is to be Lonely Is it not? Surely others find That words and Eloquence Evade them When any opportunity Arises Every conversation A violation And the saving grace Of our existence You’ll never know If there are others It transpires that We all are … Continue reading

New Blog

Hey ya’ll. I’ve just created a new blog on a topic that has become very important to me of late: veganism. The link to it is here: https://aggregationsite.wordpress.com/

Martian Movie Review – Spoilers ahead

I’d never been in gold class before. I still don’t know how much it costs, and I don’t want to. But you should definitely go. They have a restaurant with a view, and waiters who will come and serve you popcorn mid-movie if you so desire. Also, reclining and extending roomy plush seats with ample … Continue reading