2015: Year in Revue

2015 has been a year of changes in some areas of my life, as well as stagnation in others. My partner and I became vegans (who slip up a lot), and found that whether you like it or not, this becomes a big part of your identity and is something everyone has an opinion on. I do it for the animals, and my partner does it for the environment. We also started a vegan burger joint called ‘Triffid’ which was stressful, successful and loads of fun. We made a few grand but did a 20% profit share with Tart bakery which we ran it through, so got about $1000 in the hand at the end of it. It was only a pop-up thing for a few weeks, but we both learnt so much and are looking into doing further vegan enterprises.

My career goals have changed, from wanting to be a human-rights focused journalist, to desiring a more realistic career in public policy. This came after I took a journalism paper at uni and hated it, while simultaneously taking a public policy paper which I loved. There are clear pathways for getting into policy and options such as writing, researching and advising policy. Compared to journalism, which is a declining industry, I feel a role in policy would give me more power to effect the change I want to see in society. Still, I continue to enjoy writing for Craccum, albeit mostly short reviews for the arts section.

After being secretary for Campus Feminist Collective, I’ve come to realise that I’d like to shift my attentions from human rights issues to environmental and animal rights issues. It felt like walking on eggshells the whole time I was in the collective, and I also ended up doing a lot of the work when everyone else flaked out due to uni. See my article ‘Vagina Cupcake Gate’ for an example of the difficulty in pleasing everyone in the feminist community. Also, ‘Cold Guns & Clamour’ for my opinion of what’s wrong with feminism today. I’m also currently in the middle of writing an article on exclusionary feminist groups based on gender and/or skin colour, so watch this space.

2015 unexpectedly became very busy in ways I hadn’t imagined. What I intended to be a holiday job at a coffee shop turned out to be owned by a lovely lady I felt bad quitting on, and I found myself working when I had lectures on. Turns out that linguistics is quite hard to get the hang of when you’re only basing it on online resources. So, two jobs, a role as secretary for cfc and social media person for Craccum made life quite busy.  On top of this, 2015 was my first year flatting, which comes with a whole added layer of responsibilities. I learnt that my cleanliness standards r.e. dishes differed from my flatmates which was quite embarrassing. Halfway through the year we moved from Hum (aka hippy flat), to a much cheaper place in Avondale with mostly absent, working flatties.

This year, and towards the end of 2014 I’ve noticed my concentration levels slowly fading. I can count the number of books I’ve completed on one hand, and the only articles or pieces of writing I’ve finished have been because of strict deadlines imposed by either Craccum or the university. Even then, I’m often late, and the quality is less than my best efforts could produce. All of my university assignments in the second semester have been at least a day overdue. It’s gotten so bad that even when I have only one hour to finish an assignment, I’ll still be procrastinating on facebook or completely unrelated coursework, unable to push through the barrier I’ve created for myself. Obviously this is losing me marks and is causing my GPA to slip. There’s many things I could blame it on; my lovely but rather laid-back boyfriend, a lack of iron from a vege diet, depression, busy lifestyle, etc. But in the end, it comes back to me and my attitude. I kicked ass at my last year of high school and I’m planning on doing the same in my final year of university.

So, my new year’s resolutions are based mainly around achievement. Exercise (more cycling) and health (more fresh veges) are a part of this, as is the decision to cut back on responsibilities. Course work comes first, but I will endeavour to be more involved with environmental issues on campus, as this seems to be where all the genuine people end up (not to say they’re not in sjw groups too!) I also resolve to be consistent with my tidiness as it really helps clear my mind, and to start all assignments early. Here’s to a hopeful view of the future.


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