You make me full

Of love

Of anger

Of jealousy and

Of desire

Though I have no right anymore (did I ever?)


Everything reminds me of you

Even weather forecasts shove your absence in my face

And I know you never think of me

Beyond a fleeting remembrance

Or tinge of annoyance

That the convenience of me is in the past


I know you never felt the love that I still clutch inside me now

How to let it go…

I don’t know??


I would do anything

To return to how we were

Even though rationally tells me it’d never make me happy

Its best things ended now, rather than later down the track,

When I was even more invested (if that was possible)

Our love was always imbalanced

You never thought that This Could Be It


But this isn’t about what makes sense

It doesn’t work that way.


Despite what you said at first (to ease the blow),

That it could be temporary,

You’ve since made it crystalline clear that there’s nothing I can do

To get you back (assuming I ever really had you) –

Our love was always imbalanced


And you’re happier now without me

Happier now because I’m gone

So I languish

Left delusional and alone, complete only in your arms

When you so deign to permit it

I’m half sure you do it out of pity

And 100% sure it’s not healthy


It will be ok

Other people do it all the time,

Have their heart broken

Like this?


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