So here’s a little bit about me, if anyone is interested.

I’m a second year student, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree. My major is Politics (which I hope to get a job in the real world with – policy writing or something, idk), and a minor in Writing Studies through which I pursue my passion of writing. I love learning about the fascinating world we live in. What I adore most of all, however, is to write. Something about expressing everything I want to say, but can’t in real life, and having others relate to it is addictive. Whether it’s poetry, an assignment, or just my (probably naive and ill informed) opinion, I am addicted to spilling my thoughts onto a blank white page.

Originally, when I began this blog I wanted to finish my degree and do a Postgraduate diploma in Journalism; from there travelling and working as a journalist overseas. My dream was to “write about human rights issues in places where people have no other voice, and share stories that really matter.” Now, a little more jaded and a little more cynical two years into my degree, my plans have changed. I still want to have a job that involves words, writing and helping others, but I’m increasingly realising that a career in journalism is unlikely for a few reasons;

a) I’m actually not that good at writing

b) There are no jobs in it

c) The jobs that do exist are low paying and extremely stressful

So, as a result of doing a Public Policy paper earlier this year, I’ve developed a passion for politics and now am aiming for a career in the policy sector. There’s a Masters Degree in Wellington at Vic that I’m looking into, and from there I hope to get involved in Social Development, focusing on welfare and child poverty. I still want to have kids later on (maybe adopted?) and since going vegan, I’ve really tapped into my love for animals. I’d like to start up a rescue farm for animals otherwise destined for slaughter; cows, chickens, pigs, goats, etc to give them a good life and educate children on why a vegan lifestyle is the most ethical, environmentally friendly and healthy way to live.

Thank you to anyone who bothered to read this, and feel free to critique any of my writing, I love to hear any feedback


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so excited to discover you are now following my blog, thank you! I do hope you will find inspiration and pray I can encourage you along the way, blessings,

    Posted by Ellie www.newcreationsministries.wordpress.com/ | February 22, 2014, 11:37 pm
  2. Would it be possible for you to email me? I would like to cite your work in a piece of coursework I am doing. Instead of putting your blog name in my bibliography, I would like to reference your real name so you get the true credit you deserve. If you would rather you stayed as greentea2177 that’s fine though 🙂

    Posted by Siobhan | December 3, 2015, 1:00 pm

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