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Theatre Review : Emotional Creature

Auckland is currently experiencing a time of plenty in terms of women-centric entertainment. Casts featuring a significantly more representative ratio of women and non-binary folk to men are on the rise within the Auckland theatre scene. One collective dedicated to increasing representations of minority groups in media, The Others Club, delivered a production of Eve … Continue reading

Dreams Review

There was an interview on RNZ that caught my attention.  Auckland composer Claire Cowan talked about the group she’d founded, Blackbird Ensemble and their upcoming show ‘Dreams’ at the Auckland Cabaret Festival.  Along with some of the Ensemble members, Claire explained what Cabaret actually was (which I’d always envisioned as something in-between burlesque and drag) … Continue reading

Martian Movie Review – Spoilers ahead

I’d never been in gold class before. I still don’t know how much it costs, and I don’t want to. But you should definitely go. They have a restaurant with a view, and waiters who will come and serve you popcorn mid-movie if you so desire. Also, reclining and extending roomy plush seats with ample … Continue reading

Student Culture in Canta: A Yarn of Geezers, Gags and Getting Rinsed

The University of Canterbury is a one hour flight and a whole world away. As if we didn’t know it already, UoA has a shit (read: non-existent) student culture compared to our South Island counterparts. My boyfriend and I took a few days during the holidays to visit his brother who studies down in Christchurch, … Continue reading