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The Dark Side of Auckland’s Lantern Festival

What comes to mind when you think of Auckland’s annual Chinese Lantern Festival? Beautiful lanterns to gaze at, delicious food to munch on, and cultural celebrations to revel in? Well, yes – but that’s only half of the story. While we may be having a good time, the environment is being irreversibly damaged by our … Continue reading

Socially Aware

It’s easy to find things wrong with your life. Innumerable things need improving, changing, throwing away, or are boring. It’s these things which stick out as flaws in the perfect life YOU deserve to be living, where you’re totally content and happy with all aspects of your existence. Never fear! There’s a fix for everything … Continue reading

Bias and Framing: The Hidden Messages in Our News

Assignment: Media Analysis 2. Comparative analysis of political coverage Using sources from the above list, compare coverage of a single politics-related issue or event between EITHER a) reports in two different news mediums (television, radio, newspaper) OR b) two reports in differing examples of the same medium (e.g. One News and 3 News etc). Describe … Continue reading