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Soul & Sundry

Although we are mostly relegated to fairy tales or sailor’s legends, the looping mantra about us has remained the same; that we are beautiful, and dangerous. Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Humans rewrite the same stories over and again. It is much the same for mer-people. A few thousand feet below sea-level, … Continue reading

Perfect Storm

I wonder, And it’s no new speculation Why am I not the one you want? For you, And so many in the past I’ve felt a pull to I go unnoticed, When all I want is to be near you, And for you to want to be near me in turn I should be used … Continue reading


She was nostalgic for the future And sadly aware that more than half of her imaginings would never come true Fond memories that she has no right to miss Cloud the present Thinking about what might have been and what may be With perfect him and tongue-tied her She’s jumping the gun, Making her awkward … Continue reading