Darkness and a blaring alarm start my day: an early and rude awakening. Fogginess prevails in my half-asleep brain, as I stumble to pack my things. Purple toothbrush. Phone. My falling-apart glassons wallet. A drink bottle. Some weetbix and milk make their way down my throat. Ready to go. My way lit only by the … Continue reading Wellington


How Capitalism Contributes to Human Trafficking in Russia Today

The contemporary social problem I am interested in accounting for is human trafficking. This modern-day slave trade is currently going on right under our noses globally; both in developed and so-called ‘undeveloped’ countries. Because of its necessarily hidden nature, it’s difficult to tell exactly how many people are affected by it. However, the International Labour … Continue reading How Capitalism Contributes to Human Trafficking in Russia Today

Fire and Ice

When I’m with youI feel like I could climb mountains,Dance with reckless abandonSwim oceans,You light me upAnd make me feel like life is beautifulOur conversation sparks and soarsBringing out the passion in each otherWhether it be anger or wild, impossible dreamsIt’s all possible with youOur chemistry is like a mad scientist’s experimentGone way out of … Continue reading Fire and Ice