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Theatre Review : Emotional Creature

Auckland is currently experiencing a time of plenty in terms of women-centric entertainment. Casts featuring a significantly more representative ratio of women and non-binary folk to men are on the rise within the Auckland theatre scene. One collective dedicated to increasing representations of minority groups in media, The Others Club, delivered a production of Eve … Continue reading

Not So Free Speech

  The effects of bullying, harassment, and false advertising are demonstrably negative.  We know this.  We also know that inhibiting free speech – especially on a university campus, is not conducive to a fruitful learning environment.  The line between these two things, however, is not always so clear cut. Before the holidays, the Auckland City … Continue reading

You Can’t Sit With Us

“We can’t express in words to you, what Gordon means to us. Gordon, you have left this world better than the way you found it.” This sentiment of respect and gratefulness was expressed countless times over the course of Gordon Stephenson’s tangi, illustrating just how far his influence had reached during his lifetime. From orphan, … Continue reading

Vagina Cupcake Gate

“Trans women are not only a reminder to society that gender categories are not fixed, but also that woman hood and feminine gender expression is not something to be ashamed of”. Therefore, having an understanding of trans-misogyny, and the knowledge that trans women’s issues are synonymous with women’s rights is absolutely imperative to being a feminist today. Continue reading

I Am Cait – A Review

Normally I avoid reality TV shows like the plague. Both out of principle, and from fear that I’ll become addicted to the trashy drama. Despite this, a toxic combination of my feminist values, the media hype surrounding the show, and the absence of anything else on TV got me glued to the first episode of … Continue reading

Netball World Cup Takes on Bledisloe Cup, Loses

In a shocking turn of events, coverage of an All Blacks vs Wallabies game gains widespread coverage on prime time New Zealand television. Meanwhile, coverage of the final of the Netball World Cup is left to the dark abyss of Sky Sport.  Despite only occurring once every four years, and the New Zealand Silver Ferns … Continue reading

It’s a Long Walk, and It’ll Never be Done

I dreamt I was in a time where women’s value was based on the honour they upheld, Something that could be lost by as thoughtless an action as a slip of an ankle exposed. The wind lifting our burkhas was the devil betraying the inherent immorality within us. Even an invasion of our own bodies … Continue reading