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I Love Myself

There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve wasted a significant portion of your life with someone who doesn’t, and never did make you happy. Break ups always suck, but it’s even more frustrating when you realise you should’ve left far earlier. About two years ago now, I was in a relationship where we did not bring … Continue reading

Runner’s High

Your legs are equal in lightness to the air and the things attached to them seem like feathers, barely registering the ground beneath them. It’s almost as if you were being pushed along by an invisible entity – the god of running perhaps. You practically float along your favourite route, taking in the views as … Continue reading

How to Avoid a Cold This Winter

Don’t want to be that person with a disgusting snotty noise constantly sniffing in lectures? In this article I’ll highlight how to beat whatever is ailing you this colder season, and how to prevent any future illnesses. It would’ve been easy to let myself be miserable when I came down with a horrible hacking, chesty … Continue reading

Drugs? What drugs? Hide your dirty habits from everyone with these exercises customized to your illicit substance of choice. Pass your degree AND have fun.

Picture this: It’s the morning after a big night out (the can’t- remember-what-happened kind of event), your head is pounding and you feel like death. But you have things to do today! Perhaps you have a weekend job that involves customer interaction. Or, maybe you have a Sunday dinner back home with Mum, Dad, Grandma … Continue reading