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Writing & The Human Condition

To be a famous writer, you must relate to people on some profound level. Whether it’s through humour, sarcasm, or a stark depiction of reality, you must be an eloquent mirror into their souls. What then, of the writers who are alienated from society? The ones like Janet Frame, who find heartache and pain in … Continue reading


I’m not the only one, I tell myself To be human is to be Lonely Is it not? Surely others find That words and Eloquence Evade them When any opportunity Arises Every conversation A violation And the saving grace Of our existence You’ll never know If there are others It transpires that We all are … Continue reading

Too Far Inside Myself

These feelings might change, but right now There is no place in this world I can find happiness I’m trapped in a prison of my own self sabotage Constantly kicking myself for traits I can’t change My essence is ugly Shouldn’t have told you those things that I’ve done That show I’m not right deep … Continue reading