Fuck I hate musicians. I hate the way they make me cry and sob and lose myself to their language The one they speak with a fluency learned in the womb In their crib, in their cradle, drank in with their mother’s milk The honeyed and heart-wrenching language The one I can grasp only precious … Continue reading Competition



It's more than you that comes with the territory Girls far prettier than I entranced by your allure Their pursuits of you behind my back frighten me You tell me all, but I'll still never feel secure   Instead of becoming your ideal to over compensate my inadequacies Of face, of flair, and all round appeal I become jealous Lose … Continue reading Jealousy


Space away from youIs a nice conceptTo clear my head,And think logicallyIs the rational thing to doYou fog up my brainLike a car when the heater first turns on,On a frosty winter dayGiving me temporary amnesiaAs I forget what it was like to feel cold towards youYour body heat eliminating My carefully thought out reasons to … Continue reading Space