Leaving You

Blinded I love you Once, twice By all accounts a fool I cling To sordid memories In hindsight my joy Recurrent manipulation   The harder I clamp on The ghostly-er you become Slipping away as I claw at strings Fruitlessly You’ll never win what cannot be bought   Every song I hear is about you … Continue reading Leaving You



It's more than you that comes with the territory Girls far prettier than I entranced by your allure Their pursuits of you behind my back frighten me You tell me all, but I'll still never feel secure   Instead of becoming your ideal to over compensate my inadequacies Of face, of flair, and all round appeal I become jealous Lose … Continue reading Jealousy


This boy is going to break my heartHe’s already shatteredAny resolution I heldTo keep my emotions towards him platonic,With his smile and his way of drawing me inLike he caresThen he’ll talk of other lovesWhile I just smile politelySplintering internallyI see him consuming my mind in the future,With his charm and his wit and his … Continue reading Splinter

Fire and Ice

When I’m with youI feel like I could climb mountains,Dance with reckless abandonSwim oceans,You light me upAnd make me feel like life is beautifulOur conversation sparks and soarsBringing out the passion in each otherWhether it be anger or wild, impossible dreamsIt’s all possible with youOur chemistry is like a mad scientist’s experimentGone way out of … Continue reading Fire and Ice