Hogmanay in Edinburgh

While the short glimpse we caught of the city through the tram windows at night-time was enchanting, walking through Edinburgh in daylight was magical. Below the skyline-dominating castle, the Old Town whisks you back to Medieval times with its gothic cathedrals, underground vaults, winding cobbled lanes a-la-Diagon Alley, and brick the colour of the plague. Within and around the Old Town are several beautiful, classically inspired buildings, that gave Edinburgh the nickname ‘Athens of the North’. Literally every corner you turn is a photo opportunity or the location of some significant historical event, and all of it is stunning – as well as more than slightly surreal.


Going LOCAL: Lake Waikaremoana

Kia ora koutou e hoa mā, (Hello my friends!) I'm currently trying to plan a hike around Lake Waikaremoana, which is one of the Great Walks of Aotearoa, with my sister. It's a four-day long tramp around the lake, which is on the East Coast of NZ's North Island, slap bang in the middle of the … Continue reading Going LOCAL: Lake Waikaremoana


Darkness and a blaring alarm start my day: an early and rude awakening. Fogginess prevails in my half-asleep brain, as I stumble to pack my things. Purple toothbrush. Phone. My falling-apart glassons wallet. A drink bottle. Some weetbix and milk make their way down my throat. Ready to go. My way lit only by the … Continue reading Wellington