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Student Culture in Canta: A Yarn of Geezers, Gags and Getting Rinsed

The University of Canterbury is a one hour flight and a whole world away. As if we didn’t know it already, UoA has a shit (read: non-existent) student culture compared to our South Island counterparts. My boyfriend and I took a few days during the holidays to visit his brother who studies down in Christchurch, … Continue reading

Where I Live

Where I live is warm, quiet and safe – although it does feel quite empty at times. Our flatmates frequent different hours from us, but at least the bathroom is always free. Since moving in here we’ve been re-introduced to a few modern amenities that were lacking in our previous flat. Deliciously hot showers, microwaves … Continue reading

Vagina Cupcake Gate

“Trans women are not only a reminder to society that gender categories are not fixed, but also that woman hood and feminine gender expression is not something to be ashamed of”. Therefore, having an understanding of trans-misogyny, and the knowledge that trans women’s issues are synonymous with women’s rights is absolutely imperative to being a feminist today. Continue reading

I Am Cait – A Review

Normally I avoid reality TV shows like the plague. Both out of principle, and from fear that I’ll become addicted to the trashy drama. Despite this, a toxic combination of my feminist values, the media hype surrounding the show, and the absence of anything else on TV got me glued to the first episode of … Continue reading